Saturday, August 28, 2010

I just got home from a shoot that lasted the whole day. I am frickin' wiped out! But I have made a commitment to myself to write my blog every Friday and I'm gonna frickin' honor that. A commitment seems to me a sacred thing now.

This week has been challenging for me. I have been unlocking reasons for an inner darkness that I've had all through my life. That darkness, although a source of a lot of beauty in my life, has been a heavy burden to carry.
What we live through seems so normal to us as we live it. So tame, so mundane even. And yet, when you start examining your past--start objectively seeing it for what it is--some things you once thought normal, are in fact shocking.

We are not born dark. We get that way for some reason. And that is actually a beautiful thing: it means that something can be done to remedy the situation! The further I get on my road, the less blame I'm able to cast on anyone. At least, that's how I feel today. ;) I find immense compassion, even towards the Darth Vaders of my life at certain moments. That is, when I'm not feeling righteous anger. And the reason why I feel compassion is this: We are not born dark. We get that way for a reason.

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